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January 19, 2019
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General Membership Meeting
Posted On: May 28, 2017

Fellow Members:

 As you know, there have been big changes in the leadership of our state and local governments, as well as within our own Department.  Chief O’Toole has been a welcomed change, and our relationship with the Mayor’s Office is developing.  We have several indications that the relationship is moving in the right direction, but we will admit the path has been bumpy.  Having said that, it is too early to make any permanent judgments on how these changes will impact our organization. We know the challenges the Mayor’s Office is receiving from various organizations outside the police union.  That must not deter us from our responsibility in remaining vigilant and persist in delivering a clear and unified message moving forward to ensure our Department's needs are met by the oft stated pledges by the political leadership that now leads our city.

Simultaneous to the changes in City leadership are those happening within our union.  Ed Clark is now SLPOA President and JP Johnson has been added as our lobbyist.  These changes create opportunities for our organization.  The leadership of the SLPOA will not be successful in our endeavors without strong participation from the very members we represent.  Many of our members have knowledge, contacts and resources which are not tapped on a daily basis.  From this point on, we must identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and take an approach centered on helping the Department become the premiere law enforcement agency our honorable members and deserving residents of our shared community require.
This email is an invitation to each of you to have an influence in the direction of the SLPOA.  Whether you have been active in the past or not, we are asking you to become involved now.  We want your participation and seek to use your advice and experience for the betterment of the whole and to improve the SLMPD.
We have a General Membership meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 7:00 PM, at the SLPOA Hall.  We have invited the Mayor to discuss a number of topics including pay raises.  This is an issue we can all get behind.  We must have a strong showing by our members at the General Membership meeting which will send a signal to the Mayor that the police are active participants in our own future.  She has to understand that a healthy and happy police force is the first step in improving the health of the City and we are here to help accomplish this goal.  Please, make arrangements to be there and, please, talk to other members about the importance of attending.  And again remember, any one person or small group of people cannot accomplish our goals alone, it takes a collective effort by every member!

We look forward to seeing a great group at our next meeting!
SLPOA Executive Board

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