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May 27, 2017
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April 2017 Gendarme
The April 2017 edition of The Gendarme is available online now.
Download: Gendarme 040117 FN WS.pdf
SLPOA Endorsements - April 4th Election
Proposition 1 – YES
Proposition 2 – YES
Proposition A – NO
Proposition B – NO
Proposition C – NO
Mayor – Lyda Krewson
Comptroller – Darlene Green
Ald. Ward 5 – Tammika Hubbard
Ald. Ward 7 – Jack Coatar
Ald. Ward 11 – Sarah Wood Martin
Ald. Ward 13 – Beth Murphy
Ald. Ward 16 – Tom Oldenburg
Ald. Ward 17 – Joe Roddy
Ald. Ward 19 – Marlene Davis
Ald. Ward 23 – Joe Vaccaro
Ald. Ward 25 – Shane Cohn
Ald. Ward 27 – Pam Boyd 
Prop 1 and 2

Media Release


For Comments Contact: Jeff Roorda at 314.420.3861 

St. Louis Police Officers Association Endorses Soccer Proposal 

St. Louis, Missouri (March 31, 2017) – The St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA) formally announced today their endorsement of Proposition 1 & 2 on Tuesday's ballot in St. Louis City. Funding for an MLS soccer stadium is the centerpiece of the two ballot initiatives, which seek voter approval for bonding authority and a sales tax increase in the city. 

SLPOA Business Manager and spokesman, Jeff Roorda, said that his union, which represents about 1,100 police officers in St. Louis City, was reluctant at first to support the proposal but now that they have seen the numbers, he called supporting the project "a no-brainer." 

Roorda and the leadership of the union have been in meetings with local politicians and the MLS investor group for about a week. Roorda noted, "once you look at the net revenue that is produced by this project through the millions of dollars in sales tax revenue it generates in excess of the city's investment, any one who cares at all about this region has to reach the same conclusion, this is a boon for the city and the entire St. Louis area. And then, when you hear straight from the mouths of the politicians who support this project and the businessmen who are investing their own money into it, how committed they are to seeing the revenue that this project generates invested in funding competitive police salaries in the city and ultimately growing the police force once wages are attractive enough to entice more qualified applicants, you'd have to be crazy to oppose this chance to re-invigorate downtown with a stadium and all of the other hospitality businesses that will grow up around it."

Roorda continued, "we are driving toward a cliff in the city. We will very soon be paying police 30% below the regional average wage for law enforcement. If we don't fill that void with some sort of downtown revival and the revenue stream that will spring from it, the city is doomed to a crisis of violence and lawlessness that will be impossible to fix once we go over that cliff. I'm trying to stand between a runaway train and that cliff and I'm glad to have business leaders and a handful of courageous politicians join me at that precipice."   

Roorda said that the police union is asking every voter in St. Louis to cast a resounding yes vote on Propositions 1 and 2.


Press Release - Prop A
MEDIA RELEASE For Comments Contact: Jeff Roorda at 314.420.3861 St. Louis Police Officers Association Opposes Misleading Ballot Initiative St. Louis, Missouri (March 13, 2017) – The St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA) announced today that it is strongly encouraging a "no" vote on Proposition A, the April ballot initiative amending the city charter to eliminate the Recorder of Deeds office and requiring the savings to fund police body cameras. The police union that represents over one thousand St. Louis officers called the initiative misleading and misdirected. The union said that the estimates of over one million in savings are greatly exaggerated while the costs of a body camera program have been grossly understated. SLPOA Business Manager and spokesman, Jeff Roorda, projects that savings are closer to $150,000 which doesn't even scratch the surface of a body camera program that is certain to cost the City at least $5 million in hardware, software, data storage, and additional staffing. Roorda called the initiative a "fraud" on the people of St. Louis that is sure to be challenged in court over its inflated cost saving figures and its attempt to eliminate an office required by state statute. More importantly though, Roorda called the proposal a case of mislaid priorities. "We are dealing with a crisis today in St. Louis because we are unable to maintain minimum staffing levels for our police department. We are over one hundred officer down currently and frankly we could use another one-hundred-and-fifty more than the current authorized strength. We are bleeding experienced police officers because St. Louis is nearly $8,000 behind the regional average in police pay. That manpower short-fall translates into slow response times and an inability to stem the tide of deadly violence that plagues the bloody streets of St. Louis. Body cameras are a luxury. More officers is a necessity. The city leaders need to concentrate on what's crucial to the safety and survival of this city," Roorda said. Roorda noted that the attrition in the city police department is only going to get worse if something isn't done soon. "I have to wonder where the priorities are. St. Louis County has a multi-million dollar tax increase on the ballot in April that is pledged toward significant police raises and additional officers while the city is trifling with a ballot measure that produces a few thousand dollars for body cams and no money to increase salaries or expand the size of the police force. You think things are bad now? You will lose hundreds of irreplaceable city cops to St. Louis County if Prop P passes. St. Louis City is going to look like Detroit if we hemorrhage that kind of manpower." Roorda concluded, "this is a dangerous game we're playing and the people of St. Louis and the businesses that keep it vibrant deserve better." Roorda said that the union is asking every voter in St. Louis to cast a resounding no vote on Proposition A. ####
March 2017 Gendarme
The March 2017 edition of The Gendarme is available online now.
Download: Gendarme 030117 FN WS.pdf
SLPOA Endorsements – March 7th 2017 Election

St. Louis City:

Mayor – Lyda Krewson

Comptroller – Darlene Green

Alderman 5th Ward – Tammika Hubbard

Alderman 7th Ward – Jack Coatar

Alderman 9th Ward – Ken Ortmann

Alderman 11th Ward – Sarah Wood Martin

Alderman 13th Ward – Beth Murphy

Alderman 15th Ward - Jennifer Florida

Alderman 16th Ward – Michele Kratky

Alderman 17th Ward – Joe Roddy

Alderman 19th Ward – Marlene Davis

Alderman 23rd Ward – Joe Vaccaro

Alderman 25th Ward – Shane Cohn

Alderman 27th Ward – Pam Boyd

St. Louis County:

Yes on Prop P

St. Patrick's Day Parade to Honor First Responders

The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Louis will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2017 and will be dedicated to the city of St. Louis’ First Responders. Leading the 48th annual parade will be parade founder and St. Louis Irish Consul Joseph McGlynn, Jr., Parade Committee Chairperson Joe Milligan, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in the Irish Parliament and our Irish Guest of Honor; our Honorary Parade Marshal John Saunders, president and chief executive officer Fleishman Hillard and a true Irishman Dublin, Ireland; Mayor Francis Slay; Parade Director Karen Lee; and other dignitaries.

The First Responders special unit in the parade will be led by Police Chief Sam Dotson and Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson as well as representatives of first responders who have been injured in the line of duty along with active police and firefighters.

For more information, please see the attached press release.

Download: 2017paradeandrunmediarelease_final.docx
Jay Schroeder for Pension Trustee
SLPOA Endorsements - City Elections
•             Mayor – Lyda Krewson 
•             Comptroller – Darlene Green
•             Ald. Ward 5 – Tammika Hubbard
•             Ald. Ward 7 – Jack Coatar
•             Ald. Ward 9 – Ken Ortmann
•             Ald. Ward 11 – Sarah Wood Martin
•             Ald. Ward 13 – Beth Murphy
•             Ald. Ward 15 – Jennifer Florida
•             Ald. Ward 16 – Michele Kratky
•             Ald. Ward 17 – Joe Roddy
•             Ald. Ward 19 – Marlene Davis
•             Ald. Ward 23 – Joe Vaccaro
•             Ald. Ward 25 – Shane Cohn
•             Ald. Ward 27 – Pam Boyd 

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